Historic Flash Games

A selection of Non-Yetisports Flash games I built between 2000 and 2010.

I created ~ 100 Flashgames back then in Actionscript 1 & Actionscript 2, when Flash still was more of a Designer tool. After Actionscript 3 arrived, I moved on. I might make some of those games playable here one day. But to be honest, I am glad that Flash is gone.

1Kick Aehgg Balloons Bricks
CrazyKick Downhill Eragon ErotiPoker
FormulaFun Garfield Hockey IceAge1
IceAge2 IceAge3 IceAge4 IceAge5
IceHockeyWM2005 SwingnSlide MidiGolf OnIce
PenguRevenge Pinball PuzzleKick Rudolph
Simpsons Nakedskate Simpsons Scissorlift SimsponsWreckingball Snowboard
Speedbiker StageDive Butlins Superski
WastelandGolf WeiteWasserWelt Wuzzler XmasClimb