Multiuser Soccer Prototype

Semi Turn-Based Multiuser Action.

Place and rotate your player-disks wisely. They function as directional force fields when the action is launched. When both players are done preparing their moves, the turn is played out. Just try to get that ball in your opponents goal.

Click image to PLAY!

__This is a 2 Player game in Beta state.__ Players will be paired up as they arrive (for now). So, it is very likely that noone else is here when you start. To just check it out or get some practice duplicate your browser tab and play against yourself... or call in a friend by sending them the browser URL.

Steps to play:

  • Fill in a user name
  • Choose how many players your team has. (Less = longer possible move distance for each player)
  • Choose a Team. Only 2 choices for now. If both have the same, neutral Team2-Disks are chosen for one player.
  • Click and drag each player to its target position. Click and drag the small rotation marker to change the direction of the players force field. At live action time the player disk will move there and rotate to its new values.
  • If all your players are set up, click the ‘DONE’ button and wait, if necessary, for your opponent to finish.
  • If both players are done, the action will start automatically and the players will move.

The ball will move as hit by the force fields while in motion. The turn ends when all moving objects came to a halt or a goal was hit.

Usual strategies and helpful facts:

  • Try to predict your opponents moves and try to block or attack according to their likely future positions.
  • Try to plan multi-force-field-shots. Try to place your players in the path of your next shot to redirect the ball movement. Long distance passes over 2 or more players look awesome and can pass defense players.
  • The player force fields work less effective (or not at all), the higher the ball is in the air. The ball will take a higher travel path if hit early in a players movement path. So if you are very close to the ball before the move and you pull the move path to its full length beyond the ball’s position, it will go high. So you can plan to shoot over opponents, etc. But that also means you have take that into account when you plan to distract enemy-shots.

The game uses a complex communication protocol and will still be buggy for some. Especially when using browser tab functionality that blocks unfocused tab’s communications and such nonsense :). If you play against yourself to test, use maybe 2 extra browser windows instead of tabs or even 2 different browsers to make it work nicely.

I, personally, love the idea and the concept of this game. This is why it is here, even if it is a somewhat buggy prototype. It is a conceptual experiment that allows very complex gameplay and moves, while still being simple enough to allow pre-school players. Maybe, someday, it will be converted into a real game project.