Chris Hilgert's Yetisports


On January 19th 2004, a tiny testversion of a small Flashgame escaped into the wild wide web and became something special. Here you can play some of its descendants.

Of.f.Course Street Photography


(customized post processing)

The colorful part of my street photography.


Multiuser Soccer Prototype

Semi Turn-Based Multiuser Action.

Skill Game Concept

Pengu Push

Accelerated Click Control aka How slow can you click faster?

100 Sokoban Levels


Sokoban Pengu Style

Pengu Event Minigame

Pengu Fridge

Pengu Ski Trick Jump Challenge

Pengu Ski Racing

Pengu Ski

Slalom, 3 Tracks

Historic Flash Games

A selection of Non-Yetisports Flash games I built between 2000 and 2010.