About Chris Hilgert

I’m a pixel creative. Usually I tend not to reveal too many details about my personal self on the wider net, for obvious reasons. If you want to contact me, offer me a job, wanna meet or just ask me something: Please use the ‘Get in touch’ link in the menu.

That's NOT me

Things i usually do for work
  • I develop game concepts / ideas to fit certain, given skill- or target requirements
  • I create small skill games that run on the web as final product or as prototype / proof of concept
  • I do and combine game design, graphic design, sound design and prototype code to develop games. As One-man-project or in a team.
What i sometimes do for work
  • I take candid photographs of people on events or weddings as 2nd or 3rd shooter
  • I do photo cleaning and retouch, industrial or artistic
  • I create 3D models and animations for 2D games, to be used as game sprite graphics
  • I create online game competition setups for companies to run tournaments that go with events or holidays
Things i like to do
  • I like crazy projects. Like, really weird, experimental ideas that others would drop without wasting a thought.
  • I like GNU/Linux distrohopping on my laptop. For some weird reason i love to install the newest, latest and greatest GNU/Linux system, knowing that i will struggle through all the bugs on a cutting edge install, just to remove it as soon as it works flawlessly, only to replace it with the next one I find interesting enough to suffer through… (My workstation is harbouring a stable LTS version of course)
  • I like doing Street Photography
  • I like and prefer working from home, if possible
  • I like finding and using FOSS replacements for proprietary software, even if it is less userfriendly and more difficult to use. While companies creating proprietary software can suddenly go away, are taken over and change policies, etc., FOSS guarantees that the software i use will always be accessible.
Things i did in the past
  • I built ~ 150 Games so far in my game career. Most of them small web games, first in Macromedia Flash, later in HTML5/Construct2, but I also designed a few console games, which were built by 3rd parties.
  • In 2004 Yetisports happened. 300M games played in the first year, which was a lot back then. Sadly, 3-4 years too early. There were no usable micropayment methods, no smartphones yet. And while it was famous enough to generate some contract work with big names like 20th Century Fox, MTV, PRO7, etc, unfortunately it was too early to monetize such a hype.
  • I created a few 3D rendered short movies as intro/trailers for game launches, always including penguins of course.

That's me